Studio Verb

Aureole Jewelry

Aureole Jewelry is a contemporary accessories brand designed for women who value authenticity. They celebrate the notion of being true to yourself, because beauty manifests in diverse ways. Let your style shine on its own.Identity, Branding, Copywriting

Naming, Logo Design

Through researching and getting to know what our client's vision was for their new accessories brand, we came up with the name Aureole Jewelry. Defined as a “circle of light”, Aureole is the aura that glows from within you.

Constructed from intersecting circular paths, the logo reflects the roads we journey down through life. The overlapping circles of the finalized logo also resembles a three-dimensional drawing of a ring.


To complete the brand's identity, we wrote the brand story, product brief and selected brand colors accordingly. This provides a clear direction for our client in their subsequent marketing activities.