Studio Verb

Much & Little & Little is a repository of household goods, women’s clothing and everyday objects that embody simplicity, beauty, quality and function.Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Photography


Much & Little is a boutique located in the vibrant community of Mount Pleasant, in Vancouver, BC. The shop offers timeless, well-made goods — hand-picked for their aesthetics, function, and the story behind them that creates lasting value. Our logo design is a play on the symbolic definition of “Much” and “Little". To accentuate abundance and ampleness, the word “Much” is represented by a solid font. In contrast, the word “Little” is depicted by a dainty outline.


To accommodate the large assortment of products at Much & Little, we created an e-commerce web-shop that can lodge thousands of products. A Shopify theme built from scratch, this site is freely customizable by the M&L team on the Shopify dashboard. The front page features a magazine-like layout to guide customers through the various department of the shop. It also features a minimal yet informative menu that neatly depicts all of the diverse brands found in store.


For the M&L business cards, we used minimal shapes and the M&L brand colours to highlight the concept of "Much" and "Little". The "Much" side is depicted by fun patterns, while the "Little" side is a simple solid tone.