Studio Verb

Onliest is a lifestyle and jewellery brand that focuses on custom pieces and unique designs. Based in both Vancouver and Hong Kong, they cater to an international market.Branding, Packaging, Illustration, Photography


The Onliest monogram is formed by intersecting lines that make up the word “only”. The logo also resembles a circular window frame. It looks out to a lush landscape, just as we strive to create pieces that act as windows and bridges to enriched souls. There is no need to look too far, for beauty stems from the inside.


To showcase the concept of uniqueness, we drew minimal illustrations highlighting the female body for Onliest's jewellery packaging. The box itself opens up like a window, which reflects the idea behind the logo we designed for this brand.


We photographed images for Onliest's first look book. On top of photography, we coordinated the entire shoot, which included location scouting, wardrobe styling, and sourcing the models and the make up artist.