Studio Verb

Vie For Life

Founded by a vertically operated Canadian manufacturer, Vie is an active wear brand that targets the resort market. With years of garment production experience, they focus on delivering quality and customer satisfaction. Its headquarter is located in the heart of Vancouver B.C.Identity, Branding, Art Direction, Product Design

Branding + Identity

Our designer was on board with this project before the brand came into existence. She met with Peter, a factory owner with over 40 years of garment experience, and what he wanted was an active wear clothing label for the everyday Canadian living. With this in mind, she came up with the name Vie.

A logo was quickly sketched according to the vision. First a circle was drawn — a common symbol of life — and a budding plant was added. It was then painted red to reflect its Canadian roots. From there, we also developed the tagline that was imprinted on their main labels.

Product + Art Direction

Our designer also created designs for their first collection, integrating performance sportswear fabrics into day-to-day styles. They were pieces that transitioned easily between wilderness exploration to a casual day out.

We also provided art direction, and worked with Vancouver based photographer Michael Chan to create the brand's first look book.

We developed branded embroidery patches and screen print logos for styles that were sold to the resort market. The designs were tailored for specific retail stores.